humane-society-christmas It’s time to make the holidays bright as the Marshall County Humane Society is making it possible to give the gift of a best friend this Christmas and have them delivered by Santa’s Elves on Christmas Eve.


“In the past we’ve discouraged the idea of giving pets for Christmas but we’ve changed our minds this year,” said Nancy Cox of the Humane Society, “We have so many wonderful pets waiting at the shelter and we just felt what better way to encourage people to bring home a friend for a lifetime by choosing one of our animals. We’re even willing to deliver your new pet on Christmas Eve for free.”


The holidays are a busy time and the concern in the past has been that new family members might not receive the attention they deserve in this hustle and bustle season. However this season the Humane Society has re-thought the idea realizing that the best way to encourage adoption rather than shopping for a new pet is to join in the festivities and even make it easier to surprise that loved one with a new best friend.


“We still have to have folks go through the application process,” said Cox. “If you are a renter we will check with your land lord to be sure that your new family member is truly welcome. We have the normal 24 hour waiting period but we can get through that process really quickly. It only takes a day or two.”


Adoption can even be easier with the Humane Society’s new “pay it forward” program. Some pets have gradciously had their neutering and shots paid for by another patron to make the adoption process smoother. If you adopt a pet whose vet fees are already paid you can make the process smoother for another family by “paying it forward” for another pet at the shelter.


The Humane Society also has a constant need for supplies to help care for their “guests” at the shelter. Pet food, cat litter, blankets, bleach and laundry detergent are in constant need and donations are always welcome.


“We still want you to not ‘surprise’ someone with a new pet,” said Cox. “For example giving a cat or a dog to a boyfriend or girlfriend without checking first that that’s okay. We want the pet to live in the house of the person adopting it just to be certain. We also can’t deliver outside of Marshall County but we will be open on Christmas Eve so anybody can come and pick up their pets that day if they want.”


Cox encourages those wanting a pet for Christmas to get in and make their choice soon so Santa’s Elves can deliver on Christmas Eve.


“With the Christmas break being two weeks kids that are getting new dogs and cats will have all that time to get acquainted with their new friends,” said Cox. “It’s an amazing opportunity for them and our animals. We’re excited about it.”