County news # 2Marshall County Prosecuting Attorney Nelson Chipman is looking at saving the county money for forensic lab testing.

During Monday’s commissioners meeting Chipman said the county previously approved, on October 15th of this year, a two year contact with Great Lakes Laboratory.  The agreement approved was for 2017 & 2018 at $75,000 each year.  The agreement stipulates 155 narcotic cases and analyses of 600 tests.

On Monday Chipman asked to amend the new contract to a one year agreement at the same rate of $75,000 a year.    He said, “I would like to do a study over the next year and see if we can wean away from Great Lakes and more toward the State Police Lab.”  He indicated that there are concerns about how long it takes with the State Police Lab to get things done.

Chipman said the usage rate currently is about $508 per exam although that includes testifying in court if necessary on their investigations.  He said the ISP offers the service with no direct cost associated with the testing.

County Attorney reiterated, “The contract is basically the same except he’s changing it to one year opposed to two.  Obviously it’s a situation of trying to save some money.”

The commissioners agreed to accept the one year agreement per the prosecutors recommendation.