tritonelementary_posadaFourth graders at Triton Elementary School are learning about different ways other cultures celebrate Christmas. In Mexico, many celebrate Las Posadas. They end the nine day celebration by making piñatas. Pictured are: Lilly S, Esai L, Jacob H, Madeline N, Alexis J


tritonelementary_recycled-bench-2016In the last year, the Triton Elementary students, along with the help of the Triton community collected over 4,000 lbs. of plastic bottle caps. This community project served multiple purposes. It met the need of adding some nicely constructed benches and picnic tables to the school campus. It also saved over 4000 pounds of waste from going into a local landfill.

tritonelementary_recycled-picnic-tableThis project taught the students, once again, that when people work together to accomplish a goal, great things can be achieved.  They also learned how recycling can help our planet Earth.  Pictured are some of the products made from these recycled plastic caps.

tritonelementary_buddybench2016The blue bench will be the “Buddy Bench” on the elementary playground.  Any student needing someone to play with simply takes a seat on the “Buddy Bench”. This lets the other students know that student on the bench is looking for someone to play with at recess.   This will help students learn to include others.

Lots of learning is coming from this whole school project!