Local NewsMonday morning the Marshall County Drainage Board opened sealed bids on four separate maintenance projects.

The first project is on the Gall-Unsicker Ditch, north of 5th Road and west of Cedar.  The maintenance project will clean 4220 feet of the ditch with a burn and bury project.  Low bidder was Kolesiak Construction at $2,827.40.

The second maintenance project was on the LaPaz arm of the Stock Heston ditch.  The project will clean approximately 2,600 feet of open ditch and replace 40 feet of 15 inch tile.  Kolesiak Construction was low bidder at $2,947.  The project is along the CSX Railroad north of LaPaz and will be completed in two sections.

Project number three is on the Cowen Lockwood Ditch between Olive and Pine and will be done in two sections.  The project will clean and debrush 4,720 feet of the ditch.   Once again, Kolesiak Construction was the low bidder at $3,440.

The final maintenance project the Marshall County Drainage Board opened bids on was the Troup Ditch near Filbert and 6th Roads.  The project calls for cleaning and debrushing approximately 8400 feet of the ditch.    LDP Excavating was the low bidder at $5,990.