phs_seed_club_2016-christmasThe Plymouth High School SEED Club raised over $250 by holding various fundraisers throughout the school year to be able to purchase gifts and food to help a local Plymouth Community School Corporation family this holiday season!

Students went shopping at Walmart, Kroger, and Martins to purchase food to make a warm, healthy Christmas dinner for the family.

The acronym SEED stands for Student Engaged in Environmental Development. Club Sponsor Lori McClellan said this is the fourth year in a row her SEED students have adopted a local family in need for the holidays.

McClellan said the mother received the food and gifts. She told the students and McClellan if it wasn’t for the SEED club her family would not have gifts to open this Christmas or the means to cook and eat a holiday meal – she was very thankful.

McClellan said her SEED club was paired up with this particular family through the Marshall County Neighborhood Center. If you would like to help a family in need, please visit the Center’s link below.