Plymouth Community SchoolsWith school funding from the state depending on the number of students, school corporations all over Indiana are looking at data to project future enrollment.

The Plymouth School Board used the services of demographer, Jerome McKibben, to get a picture of local needs for the next ten years. According to McKibben, the Plymouth Schools will likely see a reduction of some 270 students in ten years.

Superintendent Daniel Tyree said they are graduating 270-280 students each year and only enrolling about 250. Tyree said McKibben explained that the “baby boomer generation” is staying in their homes longer and young families don’t have as many starter homes to accommodate the needs. McKibben also pointed out that many are waiting longer to get married and not having as many children as generations before.

Tyree said the projected loss of enrollment will not affect them in the same way as a decrease will mean to smaller corporations. He went on to say that the number of charter schools, private schools and home schoolers is not significant when compared to those in the public school programs.

Tyree said McKibben was extremely helpful when he conducted a similar survey a little over five years ago. He said, “Now McKibben can very accurately predict how transferring students will affect enrollment.” Students have the opportunity to apply at schools outside of their home district and the state funding follows the student.

Tyree said McKibben continues to monitor trends to keep their projections on track.

Carol Anders Correspondent