NewsMarshall County Prosecuting Attorney Nelson Chipman confirmed Thursday morning that Gauvin Monaghan is still in New York.  Monaghan is the second suspect wanted in Marshall County for the murder of Paul Costello.

On Wednesday Maeson Coffin was booked into the Marshall County Jail after a transport service was hired by the Marshall County Sheriff to move him from New York to Marshall County to face charges of Murder and Auto Theft in the Paul Costello case.

Chipman said Gauvin Monaghan is currently being held in New York on charges they have against him there.  He said, “The case against him there goes first, just as if the reverse were true, the Marshall County case would go first is he was wanted in New York.”

The Marshall County Prosecutor is currently working with the New York District Attorney to explore dismissal of their charges so Marshall County can go pick him up and bring him back to face the Murder charge here.

Chipman also noted that we did not want both suspects to travel together.



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