ShopWithACop_LogoLast Friday WTCA conducted the 9th Annual Shop With a Cop Radio Auction for Plymouth F.O.P. Lodge 195.

With more than 450 items on the auction block a few things were not picked by the Wednesday deadline and some never actually made it to the auction block.

On Thursday, during the What’s Your Opinion Show starting at 9 a.m. on FM106.1 WTCA will auction off the remaining items.

If you have a bid number from last Friday, you can use that number again.  If you don’t have a number or can’t remember you number you can WTCA at 936-4096 and register for the live auction Thursday at 9.

Auction items include

  1. swac_1 Caterpillar package with a pink license plate, black t-shirt, red ball cap and black stocking hat.
  2. swac_2Caterpillar black license plate and camo ball cap
  3. swac_3Sugar Shack Bakery $25 gift certificate
  4. swac_4Large, silver concrete ball with stars
  5. swac_5Small, gold concrete ball with stars
  6. swac_6
    Concrete Santa
  7. swac_7Small grapevine wreath
  8. swac_8Karma Package: tie dye, candle, candle snuffer, sticker, sunglasses
  9. swac_92017 United Way Give & Golf Card
  10. swac_10  $5 Fusion Café gift certificate
  11. swac_11Gift Certificate for 6 cupcakes from La D’zert Café
  12. swac_12$10 gift certificate from Simply Thymes 2
  13. swac_132017 Family Pool Pass from Plymouth Park Dept.
  14. swac_14$125 Angie Kain  Photography Gift Certificate
  15. swac_15Bruce’s Big Grill Tail Gate Party for 10: pulled pork, beans, slaw, plates, napkins, silverware.  A $100 value.