County News_logoA problem with noisy semi trucks using their “Jake Brakes” was a contributing factor to the suicide death of Corey Hulse according to his dad, Jim Hulse.

Monday morning Jim Hulse appeared before the Marshall County Commissioners seeking a solution to an issue he and his family has been dealing with for more than 2 years.

Hulse said the tanker semi trucks drive up and down his road from morning to night a week or two at a time and several use a “Jake Brake” to slow their rigs down on the hill from the Legacy Farm.  He made it perfectly clear that he did not have an issue with the Houin’s and the farm where the manure is being shipped from saying, “the problem is with the trucking.”

Jim said he’s even followed the truckers up to the farm and gotten out and asked them to stop using their Jake Brakes.  They said “sure” and won’t use it for maybe two or three days and then it’s back to the same old noise.

County Police tell him there’s nothing they can do about it, they are legal.  County Plan Director Ralph Booker told him go to the County Highway Department.

Commissioner Kurt Garner said they’ve had calls from the Tyner area with complaints about the noise.

Hulse said, “It’s at the point folks that we’ve got to do something.”

The commissioners will fist go and talk to Mr. Houin and discuss the issue.  Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said if they don’t see any satisfaction they could enact an ordinance for NO Jake Brakes and post signs.

While Mr. Hulse liked the second option, the commissioners wanted to speak with the farm owner first before having to enact another ordinance.