County news # 2The Marshall County Commissioners approved on first reading an ordinance to create a Violation Bureau in the county during their meeting Monday.

A public hearing will be held on the ordinance during the December 19th meeting.

The Violation Bureau will allow a way for the county to enforce several ordinances with fines and a way for those fines to be paid.

The issue came up earlier this year when it was suggested the county enact a curfew ordinance and noise ordinance.

Also on Monday’s agenda was a resolution to transfer a tax certificate held by the commissioner to the Town of Bremen.  This was done last year but Bremen was not able to petition for a tax deed in a timely manner in part due to trying to find the owner in the federal prison system.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger said the town would like to try and obtain the property, the old Clark Station at the corner of US 106 and State Road 331 again.

The resolution was passed unanimously and the Town of Bremen has its resolution in hand and plans to pass it at their next meeting.