tritonelementary_kiwi_2Project Produce continues at Triton Elementary School,   On Tuesday, November 29th students had the chance to taste test Kiwi.  There were 399 students who voluntarily tasted it.  Seven students had no comment, 358 students liked it, and 34 students did not like it.

tritonelementary_kiwi_3Head Cook Peg Patrick said, “It looks like we have a hit with the Kiwi.”

tritonelementary_kiwi_1Fourth grade student, Maya Damron, was the winner of the drawing for those who taste tested the fruit.

This activity is part of the Project Produce grant written by Patrick at Triton Elementary.



tritonelementary_mathhangout_1Triton Elementary School fourth graders, Jaydon, Caden, and Ben, teamed up with 3 students from West Noble Elementary to work collaboratively on a math assignment in Mrs. Mevis’ classroom.

tritonelementary_mathhangout_2Students were to use Google drive while also communicating through Google hangouts. It took a while to get used to this type of collaboration (with someone across the Internet), but after a while, they began to feel successful.

tritonelementary_mathhangout_3West Noble’s 4th grade co-teacher, Melissa LaShure, and Triton’s Mrs. Mevis plan to do more collaborative assignments like this as enrichment activities. They also plan to start online collaborative book clubs for reading enrichment.