Donnelly, Joe in officeWashington, D.C. – In advance of President-elect Donald Trump’s visit to Carrier in Indiana on Thursday and on the heels of last night’s news that hundreds of Carrier jobs will be protected, U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly sent a letter to Trump encouraging him to prioritize changes to our federal policies in order to prevent the further offshoring of American jobs.


Donnelly said, in part, in the letter, “While this is welcome news, particularly to the families who will keep their jobs, there are hundreds of additional workers at the Carrier facility and 700 workers at the UTEC facility in Huntington, all of whom will still lose their jobs. There are also a number of other Hoosier companies planning to move jobs offshore, including CTS Corporation in Elkhart and Rexnord Corporation, a company located just one mile from the Carrier facility in Indianapolis you will visit tomorrow…I hope we can build on the momentum created by your agreement with United Technologies to make changes in order to benefit working Americans across the country.


“However, until we update our federal policies to better prevent offshoring, I strongly encourage you to make it clear that efforts to ship jobs offshore to chase cheap wages will be addressed head on by the Trump Administration. I stand ready to assist in any way possible.”


For months, Donnelly has fought alongside the Carrier workers and pushed to keep these jobs in Indiana. He also released a white paper and sent proposals to the Senate Finance Committee in May aimed at preventing and discouraging major corporations from shipping jobs to foreign countries. The Senator asked that the following policy recommendations be included in any tax reform effort, including: denying expensing for offshoring moving costs; considering offshoring as a factor in federal contracting,; clawing back and restricting tax incentives; and providing incentives to invest in rural and low-income communities.


To read Donnelly’s letter, click here or see below.