lane-dodson-trialThe second day of a jury trial for Lane Dodson, 35, continued Wednesday. On Tuesday, Marshall County Prosecutors, Nelson Chipman and Tami Napier, called four witnesses concerning the domestic battery charges stemming from injuries Dodson inflicted on his then wife Heather in December 2014.

On Wednesday, they called Marshall County Deputy, Jonathan Bryant. Bryant testified that he was interviewing Heather Dodson at her sister’s home, when he received information that Lane Dodson may be heading to that location and could be armed.

Chipman then called Justin Pointon to the stand. Pointon had been arrested along with Dodson following an altercation between the two on December 28, 2014. During his testimony, Pointon said he had had a sexual encounter with Heather Dodson.  He recounted going to a friend’s apartment and being “blindsided” by Dodson including being struck in the back of his head with a gun.

Court testimony indicated that the altercation stemmed from Dodson learning of the encounter between Point on and Heather Dodson.

Napier continued with the state’s case calling Plymouth Police Officer Matthew Emenhiser who was the investigating officer following the fight between Pointon and Dodson.

As Heather Dodson was being interviewed, ISP Trooper Ben Ennis stopped Dodson in the Kmart parking lot in reference to the domestic abuse allegations. Ennis radioed for backup and both Emenhiser and PPD Cpl. Bridget Hite responded. When the officers asked Dodson to exit the van he was driving, he allegedly displayed a hand gun and aimed at Emenhiser. Both Ennis and Emenhiser said on the stand that they had discharged their service weapons.

During Wednesday’s trial, Ennis, Hite and Emenhiser testified that they saw Lane Dodson with a gun but could say who shot first.  Following the shooting Officer Hite was able to retrieve a revolver and magazine from the passenger’s side of the van Dodson was driving.

Several times during the day Dodson’s attorney, Marc Morrison asked those testifying to verify statements they made or how the incident played out.

During Wednesday’s trail the in-car video from Officer Hite’s vehicle was played for the jury.   Lane Dodson was visibly upset crying and wiping tears from his eyes in the court room.

The trial will continue on Thursday at 9:00 A.M.   Judge Robert Bowen told the jury Wednesday afternoon that he anticipates testimony will end on Friday morning and the case will be handed over to them.