The 2016-2017 Fall Athletic Season was finally completed this past week as Northwood football competed in the IHSAA State Finals in Indianapolis.  With the completion, it is time to recognize the Plymouth All-Conference athletes in each fall sport.

Girls Cross Country:  none        Final NLC Record:  0-7  (8th Place)

Girls Golf:  Katie Johnson  (All Conference)         Final NLC Record:  4-3  (tied 3rd Place)

Lauren Kolter   (Honorable Mention)

Girls Soccer:  Anna Bockman and Cece Robinson  (All Conference)

Final NLC Record:  3-3-1  (5th Place)

Ali Andrews  (Honorable Mention)

Volleyball:  Bailey Eveland and McKenzie Scheetz (All Conference)  Final NLC Record:  5-2 (tied for 2nd Place)

Ashley Harrell (Honorable Mention)

Boys Cross Country:  none         Final NLC Record:  3-4  (6th Place)

Football:  Caleb Koss, Nate LaFree, and Tristen McMillen (All Conference)  Final NLC Record:  3-4  (5th Place)

Jorge Quintana and Colten Schuler  (Honorable Mention)

Boys Soccer: Doug Overmyer, Erick Zeaya, Gustavo Castaneda, Jesus Jimenez, and Wyatt Howard  (All Conference)   Final Record:  5-2  (2nd Place)

Jorge Calix and Javier Baca (Honorable Mention)

Boys Tennis:  John Gerard, Grant Clady, and Nick Felke  (All Conference)  Final NLC Record:  4-3  (4th Place)


Girls                                   Place                                     Boys

Northridge  53                         1ST                             Concord  57

Concord    52                         2ND                              Goshen 47

Warsaw     50                         3RD                              Warsaw 46

Northwood   34                          4TH                            Plymouth 38

Plymouth    33                          5TH                           Northridge 35

Goshen    24                          6TH                           Northwood 27

Elk Memorial  22                          7TH                           Wawasee  21

Wawasee  20                          8TH                       Elk Memorial 17