County news # 2The 2017 salary for Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel will be $85,506.

This week the Marshall County Commissioners approved the 2017 Salary Contract which is exactly the same as 2016 agreement except for a wage increase.

The contract was approved by the commissioner and will be presented to the County Council for approval at their next meeting.

Sheriff Hassel was also approved for a software upgrade from Stanley Security at a cost of $11,840.  He told the commissioners, “A couple years ago when they upgraded the software that controls all the locks and the intercoms at the jail they lost the ability to record the intercom conversations and probably 95% of staff inmate conversations are over the intercom.”  He said he would like to have that ability back.

Earlier this month the county council approved a transfer of funds to purchase the software upgrade from Stanley Security, the same company they have been using.  The commissioners were supportive of the request.

Last week the Council also approved appropriating the funds received from an insurance claim for the Dodge Ram pickup truck that was totaled earlier this year.  With those dollars and some from the Sheriff’s assistant extradition fund he has the money necessary to purchase a new police utility Interceptor from Oliver Ford in the amount of $26,608.  The Commissioners approved his request to purchase a new vehicle.   They also gave him permission to begin the process to solicit quotes for 4 new vehicles in his 2017 budget.