ParkDepartmentEarlier this month the Plymouth Park Board approved the request of Superintendent Mike Hite to have park employee and city arborist,  Cameron Arnold to attend the annual arborist conference in Indianapolis. Attending will help he keep his certification.  Cost is $300 plus a hotel and mileage.

The park has advertised for requests for proposals for the LARE grant to study the river bank in River Park Square, with the addition of a canoe launch and a study of the walking bridge.

On November 14th the Board of Public Works and Safety opened the proposals from 4 companies; Williams Creek Consulting of Indy, Flatland Resources of Muncie, Environmental Consulting & Technology of Ann Arbor, MI and the Troyer Group our of Mishawaka.  Proposals will be scored by Laura Mann, Allie Shook and Mike Hite.

The proposed Eagle Scout project by Grant Houin in River Park Square was approved with a contingency.  He plans to landscape around the flag pole placed by his brother Luke for an Eagle Scout project about a year ago.  The project will include flowers, bushes and brick pavers.  He did ask for a $300 contribution from the park to assist with the bricks.  Houin did not appear at the park board to answer their questions on the total cost for the project due to a school event.  The approval of the plan was contingent upon the instillation of the bricks meets the specifications already used in the park.      The park board is supportive of this Eagle Scout project and approved the $300 donation.