donorschoose_logoTwo teachers in the Plymouth Community School Corporation are using to raise funds for projects in their classrooms.

Ms. Lile in Riverside Intermediate School is trying to raise $239 for fleece material and fabric scissors to make blankets the class can donate to the community for a service project.

Ms. Hubbard at Lincoln Junior High School is trying to raise $1,893 dollars for athletic equipment to allow all the students in her Wellness class the opportunity to engage in physical activity before class begins.

Ms. Lile’s SOAR group is made up of 20 students from a mixture of socioeconomic backgrounds and from 3 different academic teams: 2 traditional and 1 PBL. These students are placed in SOAR instead of band, choir, orchestra, or interventions. Some of these young adults are in my class for extra homework time but most are placed in my room for enrichment activities.

Students will use the material and math to create blankets to be donated to our local community center. The center helps families in need.

Many students in Ms. Hubbard’s class come from distressing home lives and Wellness is a positive outlet for them. As soon her students walk in the door, they are encouraged to move and remain active until we begin our activity for the day. They are constantly asking me if there is any more equipment to use and my answer is always the same “I’m sorry, everything that we have is already out.” I am excited to see them ask for more equipment and get excited about moving. However, in order for all of the students to be moving and receiving the benefits of physical activity, we need more equipment. is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need.  If you donate in to a classroom you’ll get photos from the classroom and thank-you notes to see the impact you made.


Check out the link and see how you can help.