NewsA Child Smiled is a local Marshall County effort to assist our homeless folks with everyday items and they are asking for the community’s help.  At the current time, A Child Smiled is serving 127 folks with 42 of those being children between the ages of 8 days and 15 years old.

The need to help our homeless neighbors and residents at the two hotels in Plymouth is growing at a rate which is proving very difficult for local agencies to assist all of them with everyday necessities.

A Child Smiled is in great need of the following items on a monthly basis:

  • Shampoos, including baby shampoo
  • Toilet Paper and Kleenex
  • Deodorant, Razors, Tampons, Shaving Crème
  • Laundry Soap, Dish Soap, Bar Soap
  • Cleaning supplies

If you would like to help our homeless neighbors you can donate any of the above items at the First Source Bank in Plymouth.  If you prefer, cash donations can be deposited into the A Child Smiled account at any First Source Bank.

Every item, and every penny donated goes 100% directly from pick up to the hands of those who need the items.  Other items such as baby formula, prescription costs, therapies, emergency food and shelter are things that cannot be donated, as they are specific to each child..this is where monetary donations are needed.  There are no administrative costs and no salaries taken from donations.  100% goes to purchase items given directly to our homeless neighbors.   A Child Smiled is not a for-profit or a not-for profit.  A Child Smiles is not an agency.  It is simply about those in Marshall County who want to help our homeless, getting that help, by way of A Child Smiled volunteers.

The goal of A Child Smiled is to be a bridge between the needs of families with children, to listen to their needs, and inform those who wish to help, what those needs are, then to deliver directly in the hands of our homeless in need.

For more information, or for pick-up of items, please contact, Robin Myers at or call 574-780-4198.

The mission of A Child Smiled is simply to do what it takes to make a child smile, even for a moment, in the darkness of homelessness and hopelessness.