police-shottingThursday afternoon officers with the Plymouth Police Department were alerted to an aggressive dog running in the area of 725 Pearl Street.  The dog had been aggressive to city workers who were cleaning up the leaves.  The workers had to use their rakes to keep from getting bit by the dog.

Officer Steve DeLee arrived on the scene and the brown pit bull approached his vehicle and would not leave the driver’s side of the car.  Officer DeLee drove his car, leading the dog into the alley behind the residence of 805 Pearl Street to keep the animal away from the approaching leaf truck.  When the truck was in front of the home, the dog started to run around to the front of the house.  Officer DeLee got out of his patrol vehicle and the dog instantly turned and ran at him baring its teeth and barking.

Officer DeLee fired one round from his duty weapon and the dog fell to the ground.  The Marshall County Human Society was called to the scene and picked up that animal that was killed.

On one was home at the time of the incident and Plymouth Police did not release the name or address of the dog’s owner.