308 East Center Bourbon_1The Bourbon Town Council met on November 8 for a regular meeting.

During the meeting, they learned that a dilapidated house at 308 Center St. in Bourbon could be torn down in the next couple of weeks. The Town Council and their attorney, Mark Wagner, have been using legal means to secure the rights to have the dwelling removed. According to Bill Keyser, Zoning/Building, Langfeldt Excavating LLC in Plymouth will perform the tear down for $13,000 as soon as NIPSCO disconnects gas lines on the property. Electric service has already been disconnected. Langfeldt will also be clearing the lot for an additional $3,910. A quote from G & M Tree Service for tree and bush removal for $3,800 was also passed by the Council.

Keyser informed the Council that a similar situation to have a house removed at 207 W. Park Avenue is still in the works. Keyser said, “It is headed for court.”

Carol Anders Correspondent