PCSC_2ndGradePresentation2016During the Tuesday night Plymouth School Board meeting, second grade students of Mrs. Stidham challenged the school board members to solve a math problem using the CUBES strategy they are using in the classroom. The four students from Jefferson Elementary included Issak Hutchinson, Hazel Tomblin, Matthew Rensberger, and Addison Armentront.

They explained the CUBES by pointing out what every letter represents. The “C” means to circle the numbers in the problem while the “U” reminds students to underline the question. Students put a box, shown by “B”, around the important words. The “E” means to eliminate any information that is not needed and the “S” shows to solve the problem by showing their work.

Brooke Busse, who heads up the corporation’s curriculum efforts, indicated that the system is used all throughout the elementary grades.

Carol Anders Correspondent