Halloween_Safety_Tips        The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department would like to remind parents and children participating in Halloween trick or treat night to have a fun but safe time by exercising the following safety precautions.


          1.  Select a costume that can be seen at night and make sure that you can remove the mask as you travel from house to house.

          2.   A responsible adult should always accompany children.

          3.  Never trick or treat alone.

          4.  Trick or treat in neighborhoods that you are familiar with and at houses  that have their porch or front door lights on.

          5.  Do not enter a house if you don’t know the people living there.

          6.  Use extreme caution when crossing the streets.  Remove your mask and  look both ways.

          7.  Take a flashlight with you and stay in well-lighted neighborhoods.

          8.  Never accept rides or go with strangers.

          9.  Do not eat any treats until you have returned home and your mother or father tells you it is ok.


          Have fun and please be safe.