Blue Ribbon CommitteeWednesday, Kevin Hines, a suicide attempt survivor, spoke to students at Plymouth High School, Lincoln Junior High, and Riverside Intermediate School. His message was about helping people who struggle with different problems and letting them know that suicide is not the answer. Superintendent Day Tyree said, “Today, I am announcing a Blue Ribbon Committee focused on how Plymouth Schools can detect a potential suicide, assemble an intervention once detected, and refine our crisis plan based on scientific research.”

Tyree appointed Assistant Superintendent Andrew Hartley to chair the Blue Ribbon Committee and to follow a specific timeline. Members of the committee are: Director of Quality Programming, High School Principal, High School Counselor, Lincoln Principal, Lincoln Counselor, Riverside Principal, Riverside Social Worker, a school board member, two staff volunteers from each of the three buildings, the Director of Safety and Security, a parent from each of the three buildings, a representative from the Bowen Center, 3 community members and others as needed.

The committee chair shall update the Superintendent at the beginning of every month and present a final product by the end of the school year. This will hopefully align with the Counseling Grant offered by the Lilly Foundation. The final product will be presented at a school board meeting, a staff meeting in each building, and in a document form that will be communicated with parents.