parkingLot_1Ground penetrating radar will be used to determine the voids under the city parking long immediately to the south of the Plymouth Police Department.

parkingLot_holeDuring Monday’s Board of Public Works and Safety meeting, City Engineer Rick Gaul requested approval of a quote to determine the extent damage.  Gaul said, “Instead of going and just digging blind and seeing how much holes and gaps there are underneath the concrete it to use ground penetrating radar.”

ParkingLot_4The work can give the city and idea of where some of the walls are, where debris is and where the voids are.  Gaul said when they city seeks proposals to repair the lot, contractors can see the report to give me a better understanding of the scope of the project.

parkingLot_dropThe survey work is $800 and they will mark out the void lines and the written report is $200 for a total cost of $1,000.  The city engineer also requested a 3 day closure of the lot for the project.

The Board of Public Works and Safety approve the contract with Ground Penetrating Radar Systems for $1,000 and closure of the parking lot for 3 days.