Allen Street VacationA public hearing was held on the request of Milten Properties to vacate Allen Street during the Plymouth Common Council meeting Monday.

Allen Street runs back behind Mila’s grocery and Dr. Todd Stillson’s medical office on East Jefferson Street.

Dr. Stillson said, “Allen Street is a street many people don’t know exists.”  He said we’ve had maintained it, resurfaced it and taken care of the snow removal on it.   Milton properties owns the medical office, parking lot on the west, the land where the trailers are located along the river, the pavement area behind the Coffee Lodge and Bakery and an additional small parking area along Allen Street.

Stillson said Milton Properties are just trying to pull all the parcels together with the Allen Street vacation.  He specifically said, “We have no intention or plan to close the street.”

Adjacent property owners; Robert Gross for Mila’s building and Brian Montgomery from the Coffee Lodge spoke during the public hearing and questioned how the road would be divided it up wanting to make sure they continued to have access to their buildings.

Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt suggested easements for the adjacent property owners and the city if the entire street isn’t vacated.  There is also a sewer line under the street that would need an easement.

No official action was taken Monday night.  Milton will move forward with the survey work and the city can draw up an agreement for all parties including the city to sign prior to the street vacation being approved.