school-board-meeting1The Plymouth School Board will consider a draft agreement between them and Superintendent Day Tyree at their November 1st meeting.

The proposed contract extension will be in effect from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2019 and if approved the compensation would be retroactively starting July 1, 2016.

The proposed annual base salary is $116,502 with an annuity of $6,990.  The agreement has a $2,505 (VEBA) Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association plan that is a tax-free post-retirement medical expense account used by retirees and the eligible dependents to pay for eligible medical expenses, and a $3,500 gasoline allowance.

Also included in this contract extension is $22,571 for group health, dental and vision insurance along with $800 in association memberships bringing the total of the listed contract revisions to $152,868 for Superintendent Tyree.

The school superintendent will be evaluated by the school board and rated using the same categories applied to teachers and other administrators.  Like any certified employee, any changes in salary will be based upon performance.

The Plymouth School Board reviews the superintendent’s salary and benefits each year and may approve changed in base salary, contributions or allowances at that time.  The board may determine what amount, if any, should be awarded under the performance-based pay provisions of the contact.

Included in the contract are 12 sick days, 20 vacation days, as well as generally recognized holiday breaks provided for all staff member in the school calendar.

The Plymouth School Board will heard the proposed draft agreement at their November 1st meeting at 6:45 in the board room of the administration building at 611 Berkley Street.