Relay for Life 2017_1A kick-off event for the 2017 Relay for Life of Marshall County was held Thursday evening on the Courthouse lawn.

Opening remarks explained the luminary ceremony was to honor loved ones who have lost the battle and those who are presently fighting the battle of Cancer.   The hope expressed was that tomorrow holds a cancer free world and the path to the future is one of hope.  There will be no finish line until a cure is found for all battling cancer.  Hundreds of white bags symbolizing this hope lined the sidewalks around the Courthouse.

Relay for Life 2017_2MC for the evening, Ted Brown, was asked to answer one question.  How has Cancer affected his life?  He responded that his wife had a hard battle with Cancer in 2008 and is a survivor, his mother is a survivor, and others in his family.  He said it was difficult, but he learned to read and raised his Bible high for all to see.  His words touched all who were there as he said he learned to lean on God to survive, and reading the Bible every day changed him.  His words “God will provide and give you what you need.”

relay for Life 2017_tedAllison Kara warmed the crowd with her beautiful voice singing accapella, “Wind Beneath My Wings.” This was a beautiful tribute to all who have lost their battle with Cancer and those who are battling Cancer today.

Relay for Life 2017_3The kick-off event will now allow Relay for Life teams to start their fundraising for the June 17th event.  The walk next year will take place in River Park Square from noon until midnight.

Susan Eggleston reporting