local News_2The potential city hall renovation project was discussed during Tuesday’s Plymouth Redevelopment Commission.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi told members a very productive meeting happened two weeks ago with the architect from RQAW, the mayor, clerk treasurer, chamber of commerce director, Councilman Mike Delp and himself.  The talked over ideas of how the space might possibly be laid out.

The architect explained some of his ideas on how the upstairs might be oriented.  He was being 2 to 3 engineers from his firm later this week to look at the project structurally.

Talks are continuing with the Chamber of Commerce about some kind of a deal on the property.

Surrisi said there is no definite plan yet but they are moving forward and by next month they should have some more things to discuss.

The Mayor and City attorney will be meeting with representatives from Umbaugh, the city’s financial consultants on the project in the next couple of days.

The plans include the second floor of the chamber building being controlled by the city with the Chamber retaining their existing space on the first floor and basement while the Mayor’s office, conference room, public bathrooms and council chambers would move upstairs where the city attorney’s office is currently located.

Following the meeting members of the Redevelopment Commission had the opportunity to tour the city building on the main floor and upstairs.