WNITWNIT Public Television is currently looking for volunteer videographers from the Plymouth area, through November 7th, to help bring to life the unique story of the rich and vibrant city of Plymouth for the upcoming documentary, “Our Town: Plymouth,” premiering Thursday, December 1.

WNIT’s “Our Town” series is all about the towns and the people within them who help tell the stories of what makes their special corner of the world unique. Each individual series shows everything from historical sites to traditional high school hangouts, churches, downtown, restaurants, great traditions and other special places that are known to the local residents.

What sets the “Our Town” series apart from other documentaries is that the towns’ stories are told through the eyes of the people who live and work there.

With the help of volunteer videographers and a little training from WNIT’s professional award winning production team, ordinary citizens become volunteer videographers and film their own creative scrapbook. WNIT’s professional staff edits the video recordings and combines them with interviews to create a storybook of “Our Town.”

This videotaping and editing results in a one-hour documentary that reflects the emotional ties of the people who live, love and are passionate about their town. In the end, if we’ve done our job correctly, their town becomes “Our Town: Plymouth,” Thursday, December 1st at 8pm on WNIT channel 34.1

Interested individuals are encouraged to contact WNIT Senior Producer/Director, Brenda Bowyer at the WNIT Public Television Station.

For more information, contact Brenda Bowyer at bbowyer@wnit.org or 574.675.9648 x. 316