County news # 2Community Corrections will begin 2017 with a new software package.

Director Ward Byers told the commissioners that the courts are moving from CSI to a new case management software package called Odyssey that the state is mandating.

Byers said since the courts are moving and their current contract with CSI expires at the end of the year, he felt it was time to look for a new software program.

Corrisoft from Lexington, KY is a large electronic monitoring company that offers a software package that 82 of the 88 counties in Indiana offering Community Corrections are using.

Byers said, “They are very well versed in community corrections.  They keep up with the DOC requirements.”  He indicated that there is a great deal of weekly, quarterly and annually reporting that they must do to the Department of Corrections they have the software to keep up with the requirements.

The agreement is for $13,000 with a monthly service agreement of $250.  Byers plans to use some additional funding he recently requested from the state.  If the additional grant isn’t approved funding is available from existing grants or through the project income with no tax dollars needed.