Quin ChaneyA very special volunteer with the Plymouth Community School Corporation family will be retiring Wednesday, October 12. Her name is Quin Chaney and she has volunteered at Plymouth High for the past 23 years, starting when she was 67-years-old.

In 1993Chaney started volunteering in the Guidance office.

Quin has volunteered in the guidance office records room for decades, but she also has acted as a substitute for the guidance department’s secretary position, and she filled in when needed in both the PHS front office and the attendance office. She has worked numerous hours, some weeks 40-plus hours work weeks. Over the past 5-years, she has regularly worked 3-day work weeks spending each day 8-hours helping out anyway she could.

Quin will be 91-years-old in January and now she has decided to take it easy. Wednesday will be her last day at PHS as a volunteer. Plymouth High School will be having cake in the staff lounge to celebrate and thank Quin for all her years of service to our students and staff.

The community, especially former students and staff members are welcome to stop by to see Quin before 3:15 p.m. when the bell rings to signify the end of the school day, and also an end of an era for a very dedicated special lady we are so happy we’ve come to know.

Thank you Quin for your dedication and service for nearly a quarter of a century!