Plymouth_Airport_buildingThe Plymouth Board of Aviation Commissioner met Tuesday night an approved the contract with Hunter Transit to connect the airport to city sewer services.  The airport is already connected to city water but working on the original septic system which is reaching its limit with new businesses at the airport.  The cost of that project is $23,575.60.

The Automated weather system (AWOS) equipment is in but they are waiting for FAA approval to begin the installation.  That approval should come within the next 15 days.  They will also need FCC approval to broadcast that to arriving aircraft but can connect it to telephone and internet connections as soon as the installation is complete.

The solar panels for the solar project have arrived and the airport is waiting for the contractor to install them.  They were presented their first check for the solar system during Tuesday night’s meeting.

Repaving of the taxiways around the hangers is waiting for contractor Welsh & Kelly to come and do the work.  The airport board is hoping for completion yet this fall.

Jim Kunze Correspondent