TritonMarchingBand_2016_1The Triton High School Marching Band participated in regional contest at Homestead High School on Saturday, October 8th.

TritonMarchingBand_2016_2The band received a “gold” rating and is now eligible to participate in the state contest in Indianapolis at Lawrence Central in two weeks! The band is directed by Mr. David Seel.                                                                                                                                                                                                           TritonMarchingBand_2016_DrumMajorsPictured with the contest trophy are: Montana Golden, drum major, (l) and Allie Ogle (r).  Go Blue!  Congratulations!


Third grade students at Triton Elementary have been learning about different types of communities in social studies.  Since students live in a rural area, they spent a little more time on the specifics of that.  They looked at the animals, specifically cows, that contribute to the goods, services, jobs, nutrition, and even the generation of power.   As they learned these things, they also wanted to see what careers students could relate to a rural area, so Dr. Baine from the Bourbon Veterinary Hospital came to visit.  She taught students what an animal doctor does and what they should learn in school to help them with a career in animal science.  She explained that reading, math, writing/grammar, and science are all important skills to practice.  Third graders were amazed at the giant pills large animals get and needles that she has to use for shots.  Dr. Baine shared more exciting tools of the trade once everyone was outside and able to see her truck.

Triton_crime scene-4Last week’s comprehension skill in 4th grade at Triton Elementary School was Drawing Conclusions. Triton teachers, Miss Painton and Mrs. Branda, had their students solve an important crime. Wednesday morning, students came to school to find Mr. Riffle had been kidnapped! There were four suspects (Mr. Davis,  Mrs. Cook, Mr. Van Houten, and Miss Painton) and groups needed to collaborate to find out who the culprit was after reviewing the items at the crime scene. Students had to draw conclusions based on an interview conducted with each suspect before hand and then they had to decide who kidnapped poor Mr. Riffle! Mrs. Cook is in big trouble!!