County News_logoDuring Monday’s County Council meeting the commissioners had four additional appropriation requests.

Their first request was for $265,000 from the Cum Cap Development Fund with $110,000 being used for roof repair on the County Museum, $100,000 for a new chiller on the County Building and $55,000 for a new generator for the highway department.  Commissioner Overmyer confirmed that projects are scheduled to be completed yet this year.

A second request by the commissioners and approved by the council was $22,000 from the Cum Cap Development Fund for a new ID badge printer for the county.  The current machine is nearly 10 years.

The next request from the commissioners was $142,000 to pay for the poll pads and upgrades to the voting machines.  This request also received unanimous approval.

The final request ended up being somewhat controversial.  The commissioners asked the council for $813,937 for hot-mix-asphalt and $300,000 for the Apple Road Bridge project by appropriating the special distribution of the local option income tax (LOIT) as the county’s match for the Community Crossings Grant.

Jim Masterson motioned to approve the request but it died for lack of a second.

Commissioner Overmyer listed the road projects that have already been completed as Community Crossing grant project.

Councilman Jon VanVactor asked why the appropriation was more than the million dollars and Overmyer said any overruns on the project will be 100% on the county.  He said if there were no over runs the monies could be re-appropriated back into the rainy day fund for next year.

Councilman Steve Harper indicated his preference for a million dollar appropriation instead of the $ 1, 113,937.

Council president Judy Stone told members they could approve, deny or modify the request.

Harper motioned to modify the request appropriating $300,000 for the Apple Road Bridge and only appropriating $700,000 for hot-mix-asphalt.

The motion passed by a vote of 4 to 2 with both Judy Stone and Don Morrison voting against the reduction.