Local NewsRepresentatives from the Town of Bourbon will ask the Marshall County Council to put some financial support to the fiber internet project they have been working on for a couple of months during their meeting Monday morning.

Les McFarland, president of the Town board will discuss the public and private money they have already put in place for the project.  He will ask County Council members to put their support behind the project since it fits into the county’s plan of getting high speed to all the communities in the county.

The council will also hear the request for a second tax abatement for Faulkner Fabricating of Bourbon.  The company received a tax abatement earlier this year for their investment for a building project and machinery purchase.  This new tax abatement request is for a $1.3 million dollar for increasing the size of the facility.

Also on the agenda of the council’s meeting is the 2015 annual report for the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation, the request to waiver the probationary period of pay for a county employee who is transferring from one department to another and the request of a new copier for Superior Court 1.

The Marshall County Council meeting begins at 9 a.m. in the second floor meeting room of the County Building.