11887 9A Road_1Three months in a row the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals has heard the request for variances to allow horses within the city’s 2-mile zoning boundaries.

On Tuesday night Jody Dinsmore and her real estate agent Mike DeMont from Re Max appeared before the BZA seeking a variance for her property 11887 9A Road.

Dinsmore purchased the small farm in 2007 and had cows and horses on it until 2013 when health and financial issues started to plague her.

Dinsmore said, “The property is currently for sale but when they find out that a variance is required to have animals they shy away,”   Dinsmore approached the city BZA seeking a variance to allow 4 to 5 horses for personal use hoping it will make it easier to sell the farm.

11887 9A Road_barnNeighbors Larry and Lois Miller told BZA members that Dinsmore has not taken care of the property.  The couple actually has a connection to the home.  Mrs. Miller’s grandfather built the farm more than 100 year ago and they lived on the farm for several years.  Mr. Miller built the 2 stalls and tack room in one of the out buildings.  He is concerned with the deteriorating condition of the home, out buildings and grounds.  He’s also concerned on how the manure from 4 to 5 horses would be handled.

A letter from another neighbor, Brent Schafer was read during the meeting.  Schafer said, with an “unequivocal” negative recommendation to the request.

It was noted during the meeting that last month the City BZA approved a variance for a horse and a goat on a smaller parcel just down the street.

11887 9A Road_padockBZA member Greg Compton realized the hardship and motioned to allow 2 horses on the property with the stipulation that the new buyer upgrade the property and make it safe for horses and properly manage the manure.  The motion unanimously passed.