River Park Square arch

Monday night the Plymouth Park Board addressed a couple of issues at River Park Square.

River Park Square_Ciggarett

Park Superintendent Mike Hite told members he’s received complaints about people sitting under the pergola smoking cigarettes while others are eating. Some smokers were also throwing their butts on the ground. Hite said he placed a receptacle by the pergola but it appears smokers are not using it.

RIver Park Square_Cigg

The second issue is skateboarders. Kids are skateboarding on the benches, arm rails, jumping off the performance stage and grinding on the curbs. Hite noted there is a skate park in Centennial Park for the kids to use.

RIver Park Square_curb

The Superintendent asked the Plymouth Park Board to consider NO SMOKING signs at the pergola and at the splash pad and NO SKATEBOARDING in River Park Square. The park board unanimously supported the recommendations.


Superintendent Hite said posed signs will have the Plymouth Police Department phone number for anyone wanting to call and report a violation.