City NEws

Plymouth Police Chief, David Bacon was given approval to set up an auction to dispose of the collection of bicycles currently on hand. The Chief said, “We are at capacity. We store those in the pole barn behind the fire department and we need to sell some stuff.”


The auction will be opened to other city departments as a way to get rid of equipment, tools and office items that are no longer needed.


A list of all property to be sold in the auction will be given to the Board of Public Works and Safety prior to the auction.


In other business Chief Bacon told the Board of Works that he was approached by the Starke County Sheriff to see if the city was willing to see the K9 cage for the Dodge Magnum. About 3 years ago the city moved the K9 unit to an SUV and the cage for the Dodge Magnum is unusable.


Bacon asked the Board of Works to declare the property as surplus so it can be sold to Starke County.


The Board of Works approved his request.