Ancilla_College Go WeekAncilla College enrollment counselors will be attending college nights, visiting high schools, and meeting with students on campus as part of this year’s Indiana College Go! Week.

“We’re really reaching further out into all parts of Indiana this year as part of the effort,” said Ancilla admissions director Ericka Taylor-Joseph. The college is attending more information nights at high schools in the region and across the state, she said.

College GO! Week is an annual educational campaign that aims to encourage students of all ages to plan for college, and for high school seniors to apply to college. Led by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, Learn More Indiana is a partnership of state and local organizations working to help students of all ages succeed in school, complete college and connect to careers.

“We hope to encourage and educate students- juniors, seniors or really any age. We want to make sure they know that college can be an incredible advantage for them,” Taylor-Joseph said.

“Every week this fall Ancilla will be holding information sessions, visiting classrooms, attending college nights, and working directly with students and their families to explain college application and financial aid processes,” Ancilla’s vice president for enrollment Eric Wignall said.

“We are growing, adding new academic programs, and with new residence halls we can offer a fulltime residential college experience to students from any part of the Midwest. This week Ancilla counselors will be all over Indiana,” Wignall said.
Ancilla College GO! Week activities

  • 9/27  – Tippecanoe Valley High School
  • 9/27  – Plymouth HS Career Center
  • 9/27  – Noblesville HS College Fair
  • 9/28  – Knox HS College Fair
  • 9/28  – Clinton County College Fair
  • 9/28  – Peru HS College Night
  • 9/28  – ITT student transfer meeting (@ Gary Ivy Tech campus)
  • 9/29  – Knox MS College Fair
  • 9/29  – Pike HS College Day
  • 9/29  – The Crossing school college night
  • 9/29  – Kokomo Area College Night
  • 9/30  – Fulton County College Fair
  • 9/30  – ITT student transfer meeting (@ South Bend Ivy Tech campus)