The public parking lot just to the south of the Plymouth Police Department is collapsing.


During the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting on September 12th Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt told the board with the heavy rains in August they had a second washout in the parking lot and a large portion of the lot has been blocked off from parking.


The street department dug down and found a bunch of open block from where the old church was. They found wood and old metal pipes, basically

remnants from the old building. A second dip in the concrete appeared and the street department found the same stuff.


Marquardt said a plan needs to be developed but his thoughts are to did it all out. He indicated that the city will have to rent equipment to complete the job. Excavation will be at least 7 feet deep because that is where they located the basement floor of the old church.


A temporary fix is not ideal. The lot is closed until a permanent solution can be developed. Marquardt said where the tree island is between the parking lot and the sidewalk is hollow under it too and he fears it may extend to under the sidewalk.


Marquardt will continue searching for a solution.