PHS_ComfortDogs_group dogsPlymouth High School had special visitors on Wednesday that brightened the day for many students struggling with the recent death of a sophomore student.

The Plymouth Veterinary Clinic brought over their trained family comfort dogs Wednesday afternoon to meet with some of the students and staff who are struggling after the recent death.

PHS_ComfortDogs_goldenReteriverThe four furry friends included Raymond a mixed breed dog who likes to wear bowties.   Walter, an American Pit Bull Terrier and Pipper, the Irish Setter – Golden Retriever mix.   Little Hope was a hit with many of the students.

Wednesday’s visit went so well that the staff from Plymouth Veterinary Clinic offered to visit on Thursday and Friday afternoon and the students and staff can’t wait to meet the canine team and their handlers!

PHS_ComfortDogs_Little onePHS said, “Thank you Plymouth Veterinary Clinic for putting smiles on so many faces today!”