Judges, law enforcement officers, public officials and victims of domestic violence now have a way to remove their names and information from Marshall County’s public data based website.


An Indiana Code that when into effect in June of 2014 allows specific individuals to have their personal information removed from public view but they must follow the procedure set up in each county where they own property.


The ordinance passed in Marshall County on September 6th requires a judge, law enforcement officer, public official or victim of domestic violence to submit a completed form to the Marshall County Information Technology Department. The forms may be obtained and submitted in the County Auditor’s office on the 2nd floor of the County Building.


Those wishing to have their personal property information restricted must pay a fee of $25 per parcel although victims of domestic violence are not required to pay. There is an additional fee of $25 per parcel for any changes to the title of the parcel or relocation of the covered person.


Those requesting the county withhold their information must submit an annual form. If a form has not been submitted for 5 years the address with the restricted access will be automatically lifted.