NewsCounty Highway Supervisor Jason Peters told the commissioners Monday that another sink hold developed over the last weekend on the Lake of the Woods Dam. While the county has a project in the works, Peters asked Phil Beer from USI is there was a way to move the project up.


Beer told Peters if the commissioners were to sign a Declaration for an Emergency the project could be pushed along with the permitting sought as the project moved along instead of prior to the project construction.


The sinkhole is between the two pipes that are scheduled to be re-sleeved in November.


In an attempt of getting the project moving forward ahead of schedule, the Marshall County Commissioners declared an emergency on West South Shore Drive at Lake of the Woods.


The commissioners discussed closing the roadway but had concerns with those who live on the south side of Lake of the Woods. That is their main roadway to get to Bremen.


The commissioners with the highway superintendents recommendation was to place steel plates on the roadway, slow traffic down and limit heavy trucks from traveling the roadway.