Following a public hearing on Monday, the Marshall County Drainage Board accepted a petition to reconstruct the Frank Woods Tile.


County Surveyor Larry Fisher said the drain was created in 1902 as a clay tile and open ditch. While numerous repairs have been made on the tile, in its current state the drain fails to provide adequate drainage to the affected land.


Fisher’s recommendation to the Drainage Board is to reconstruct the drain between 17th and 17B Roads. The proposal includes 500 feet of open ditch, 1700 feet of 24 inch pipe, and 1024 feet of 18 inch pipe that would terminate at the existing 15 inch clay tile on the north side of 17th Road.


There are 386 acres in the watershed that benefit from the tile and construction costs are estimated to be nearly $155,000.


Keeping this project on the fast tract, the surveyor asked the drainage board to approve the petition and will receive bids for the reconstruction project during a special meeting on October 3rd at 8 a.m.