Members of the Marshall County Council put their support behind additional appropriation to fund the moving of the Health Department to the Community Resource Center.


On Monday Commissioner Kurt Garner said, “After working about a year and a half on the options as to what to do in terms of providing the prosecutor’s office with more space on the first floor, and what to do with the relocation of the Health Department a plan is in place.”


The project has been out for design and bid and the commissioner have selected the low bidder contingent on the council’s decision to appropriate the funds necessary. While the bids were about 20% over what was anticipated due to the fact that the build was about 20% larger than what they expected.


The increase in square footage was the addition of a flex office and additional storage space.


The low bid on the project was $152,627 not including the alternates for a

generator and metronet connection. After speaking with the contractor a little over $9,000 of potential savings was found in the base bid.


Garner asked for $180,000 for the build-out but had not estimate of moving costs including a large safe and refrigeration unit.


When asked about the monthly cost, Garner said the leasing company is willing to negotiate. They currently have reduced it from $12.50 a square foot to $11.30 per square foot with an annual cost of approximately $24,000. The lease includes everything, utilities, cleaning 3 times a week and snow removal. The only thing not included in the phone.


It’s anticipated of a shared cost for the lease payment because the Health Department doesn’t currently pay rent for their space in the County Building. The cost may be shared between the commissioner and the health department.


Umbaugh’s Long Term Financial Report indicated more than $500,000 is available in the Health Department’s funds for the project costs. While the council couldn’t make a motion on the request, they did show their support for the project with a vote of 6 to 1 with Heath Thornton voting against. They will make their official decision in their October meeting.