After Tuesday night’s aviation board meeting, a number of projects are proceeding.


The AWOS equipment has arrived ad the EPA approvals are complete. The project needs a final approval which is expected to be here in a week and Michigan Contracting is expected to begin the installation project by October. Final FCC approval to transmit the weather data to airplanes could take 4 to 5 months but the system should be operational by phone and internet by the end of the year.


The solar project has been approved and the solar panels have been delayed slightly but construction should begin by the first week in October. Telemon is paying for the panels and the construction. When completed Telemon will supply all the electricity the airport needs and sell the excess to NIPSCO.


Walsh and Kelly was awarded the contract to resurface the hanger taxiway and will begin their work by the first of October. That project and the final work on the runway resurfacing were approved under an FAA grant.


The final big project is to connect the municipal airport tot he city’s sewer system. The board will advertise for bids for the work and have a special meeting on September 27th to open and award the contract.


The final work at the Plymouth Airport is to seed the area lowered for the night instrument approach and the dirt which filled the area where the south drive was removed.