Bourbon WelcomeThe Town of Bourbon mirrors many other towns and cities throughout the state as they continue to deal with vacant houses. During the Town Council meeting on September 13, Bill Keyser of Zoning/Building spoke to the efforts to contact property owners who are non-residents of the town.  Keyser said two of the vacant properties are owned by the same person. Town Attorney, Mark Wagner, indicated that there has been correspondence with an attorney representing the owner and he will try to arrive at a legal resolution.

It was determined that the next steps to resolve the problems would require several weeks.

Keyser said they have been successful in having 18 junk cars removed from properties and had only resorted to having three of those towed.

Keyser requested that another town resident be appointed to the Zoning Board. Typically the Board only meets when there is an application for a variance. Town Council members agreed and indicated that they would make efforts to find an additional member.