2017 budget

It only took the Marshall County Council about two hours to make the 2017 a balanced budget by cutting $1.4 million from the budget requests.


The County Commissioner’s budget took some big hits with reduction in the Health Insurance line item of $225,000 and $130,000 for the Liability Insurance. The council also reduced Professional Services by $14,000 and removed $8,000 for the Marshall County Neighborhood Center the commissioners had included, new in next year’s budget.


Several new requested positions went on the chopping block including $28,600 for a second custodian for Building Maintenance, $18,000 for a part time secretary for the Plan Commission, $37,300 for an administrative assistant for the EMA Director, almost $35,000 for an additional probation officer, $55,000 for a full time law clerk and $27,500 for a receptionist for Superior Court II. The 911 fund will be able to hire two new dispatchers but the third one requests for scratched from next year’s budget.


On a couple occasions the County Council deleted items from next year’s budget with the recommendation to seek additional appropriations this year and complete the project or purchase the item prior to 2017. A copier for the surveyor’s office budgeted at $15,900 for next year. A copier for Superior Court I budgeted for $9,500 and office furniture valued at $26,500 was suggested for this year.


Sheriff Matt Hassel had budget three new vehicles in the general fund and one in the misdemeanant fund. The sheriff said high mileage on a number of vehicles was his reason for the fourth vehicle. Typically the department purchases three new vehicles each year.


The council hacked away at the Superior Court II’s budget reducing nearly every line item. Wages for seven positions were reduced by $111 to $146, office supplies were cut $660, jury supplies and jury meals were each cut $33, while the council even cut $10 from printing and advertising.


Requests for the general fund were $13,477,729 and after three rounds of cuts the council was able to get to $12,004,341.