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Last week members of the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals approved several variances of development standards.


Angie and Lance Kain at 11579 9A Road, who are in the 2-mile jurisdiction were given approval to have a pony and a goat on their property. The pony will be used by a child for therapy while the goat will be a barn companion to the pony. It was noted that the family lives in a agricultural area and the variance is only for this family at this location and would be removed if the property was sold.


Jared Weidner at 11904 Sunset Court received a 6 foot rear yard setback variance to place a shed on the property. He must maintain the 10 foot side yard setback.


The City of Plymouth also received variance of development standards for three monument signs to be located in the public right-of-way. New welcoming signs to the city will be located near 1201 East Jefferson Street, 1915 lake Avenue and 11940 Lincoln Highway East. The monumental signs will be exactly like the ones erected last year on S. Michigan Road and Lincoln Highway west of town. The 3 new signs and 2 existing signs will have external lighting added to them.