pillars_1The historic light pillars in the Lincoln Park neighborhood on the city’s east side are in need of repair. Councilman Mike Delp undertook the job of determining a cost estimate for tuck-point the bricks and level the pillars.


Delp said there are a total of six pillars with 4 of them leaning significantly. Another one has a slight lean and the final one seems to be level.


pillars_2J & J Masonary estimated the cost to repair the bricks at $3,800


A & M Home Services from Lakeville is relocating their business to Plymouth and they gave an estimate of $1,700 per pillar to level them.


Several neighbors have asked to have the pillars repaired while a few are just concerned with having the light.


pillars_3It’s estimated the pillars were put in in the 30’s or 40’s and several sit along the historical Lincoln Highway. It was asked if a preservation grant may be available for the four lights that sit on the highway.


It was estimated to cost between $16,000 and $20,000 to removed the pillars, install new foundations and place the historic cast iron lighting at the corners.


Councilman Jeff Houin asked to look at the budget for funding and research any grant funding opportunities before moving forward but felt they should continue to move on the project.